Dental Prosthesis

If you have multiple missing teeth, dental prostheses restore the appearance and function of your natural teeth. The appropriate type of dental prosthesis for you is determined after a doctor’s examination and assessment.

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What is Dental Prosthesis Treatment?

Dental prostheses are artificial teeth placed to restore oral integrity and replace missing teeth. It is important for replacing teeth lost due to various reasons and for improving aesthetics and chewing function. Dental prosthesis is typically applied to restore lost functions of the patient during tooth loss and periodontal disease treatment processes and to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Who is Dental Prosthetic Treatment Applied to?

  • Partial tooth loss and individuals who have lost all of their teeth.
  • To physically and chemically deformed teeth.
  • Prosthetic, also known as dental prosthesis treatment, is applied to individuals with malpositioned teeth and alignment issues between teeth.


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What are the advantages of Prosthetic Dental Treatment?

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved speech and chewing functions
  • The patient’s lost functions are restored.
  • Improvement in appearance aesthetically.
  • Prosthetic applications aim to improve the patient’s oral health, thus contributing to their psychological well-being by enhancing their self-esteem.




How Is Prosthetic Dental Treatment Applied?

  • After the initial examination, a decision about prosthetic treatment is made based on the patient’s dental condition, preferences, and needs.
  • A prosthesis is prepared to fit appropriately in place of the missing tooth.
  • The prepared prosthesis is designed to match the individual’s natural tooth color and                                                                                         bone color.
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Istanbul Prosthetic Tooth Prices 2023

Istanbul prosthetic tooth prices vary depending on the type of prosthesis to be applied and the duration of treatment. To get detailed pricing information, you need to schedule an appointment with our dentist and undergo the initial examination.

Arfa Dent Dental Clinic in Istanbul specializes in prosthetic dental treatment.

Arfa Dent Clinic prioritizes the importance of accurate diagnosis, planning, and management of the dental treatment process. The clinic in Istanbul, providing prosthetic dental treatment services, is staffed with expert doctors and experienced personnel who dedicate equal care and attention to each patient, ensuring personalized prosthetic dental treatment plans.

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